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Senior Solutions

Aging In Place

Enhancements, alterations, and financial solutions  can empower elderly individuals to uphold their self-sufficiency and mitigate the risk of accidents

Lifts & Ramps

enhanced accessibility & independence

Building & Remodeling

build or remodel for your needs & dreams

Mortgage Solutions

reverse, renovation & construction

My Forever Home

At My Forever Home, our mission is to empower individuals and families of all backgrounds to create the living spaces they envision. We specialize in ground-up construction and renovation mortgages that cater to a diverse clientele, including first-time homebuyers and seasoned homeowners. Our goal is to provide accessible and flexible financing solutions that turn every house into a home. We are committed to guiding our clients through the exciting journey of building or renovating their properties, ensuring that their investment not only enhances their living spaces but also adds long-term value to their lives

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For those looking to age in place, remodeling, renovating, or opting for new construction can be a transformative approach to creating a home that meets evolving needs. Renovating can involve installing wider doorways, grab bars, and lever-style handles for accessibility, providing a seamless and stylish transition to accommodate changing mobility requirements. New construction allows for a custom-designed, universally accessible living space from the ground up, incorporating features like zero-step entrances, well-placed lighting, and easily navigable layouts, ensuring a safe and comfortable home for years to come.

Wheelchair ramps are commonly employed in residential and commercial environments, primarily benefiting wheelchair users and seniors with mobility challenges. To ensure safety, it’s crucial to choose ramps compliant with Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) guidelines for home modifications and have them professionally installed.

Incorporating stairlifts and wheelchair lifts into your home not only enhances accessibility but also provides a range of significant benefits. First and foremost, these lifts offer an elevated level of independence to individuals with mobility challenges, enabling them to move freely and safely throughout their home. Additionally, they can help reduce the risk of accidents and falls on stairs, promoting a more secure living environment for both residents and their caregivers. Furthermore, the installation of these lifts can add long-term value to your property, making it more attractive to potential buyers or renters seeking a universally accessible home.

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